The Call to Discipleship – Sacred Music

Using the texts of the Scriptures as well as the writings of the great followers of Christ, this workshop traces the roots of discipleship and its implications for us as disciples in today’s world. Drawing from his own compositions, the early Irish tunes, and other liturgical music, Ian will help participants journey to a deeper understanding of the gift of Discipleship.

Liturgy in the Celtic Church. The Celtic Spirit – Sacred Music

Using Music and Texts from the Celtic heritage this workshop will explore the liturgy as well as how we celebrate it. We will look at new musical settings for the liturgy, with an emphasis on the participation of the whole congregation. Subjects covered include liturgical participation of children alongside of the whole assembly and music for the liturgical seasons.

Do we sing the Mass or sing At the Mass? – Sacred Music

Whatever your particular liturgical art: cantoring, choir directing, playing an instrument, there is another art that comes before these, one that shapes and molds them. It is the Art of Liturgy, without it liturgical music becomes something that happens at the liturgy instead of being part of the liturgy. This workshop will train you as musician to learn the Art of Liturgy.

A Light has Shone Music for Advent and Christmas – Sacred Music

Advent and Christmas is a wonderful time for re-focusing ourselves both as adults and children alike. In this workshop we will explore repertoire for the season and reflect on the different character of each Sunday of Advent. We will also look at how we can face the challenge of providing a musical welcome for our “once-a-year” visitors at Christmas.

From darkness to light Music for Lent, The Triduum – Sacred Music

This is the season which is the centre of our faith. It is the Paschal mystery that we celebrate every time we gather for Eucharist. These three seasons hold a special place of power in the Church’s year. They are a time for deepening faith and welcoming new and returning Christians. Each celebration has its own power to convert us all. This workshop will carefully explore the richness the rites give us for musical involvement.

Retreats – Sacred Music

Ian is also available to undertake retreats with a musical focus.