Music engraving and transcription

Do you want to have your music engraved professionally? Well then Ian can help. By utilising the powerful notation software Finale, Ian can create clean and professional scores of your music.

Rates are calculated on a per second of finished music, multiplied by the number of lines. A line is normally one instrument ( Vocal, Guitar, Violin, Flute etc.) Lines containing Piano, keyboard or SATB, etc arrangements are counted as 2 lines, Organ is counted as 3 lines. Ian is happy to negotiate rates as needed to help fit your budget.

If your situation would benefit from another arrangement or negotiated rates, don’t hesitate to ask.

Engraving of existing music

from file (notation app or musicXML) | €0.20 per bar (measure), per line

from PDF or handwritten script |€0.40 per bar (measure), per line

Transcription from existing audio

€0.75 per second, per line.

Please contact Ian at or by phone (086) 249 0779 for bookings or further details