The Christmas Story


We are sorry that you have missed the registration for The Christmas Story. Over 500 people have signed ups to be part of the largest and first Virtual Christmas Carol event. We are absolutely thrilled with the response. So many people have given their time so far to play, arrange and sing the music and there is a lot to be done yet.

The Christmas Story will celebrate the “Christ” mass season with all the wonder and joy of that magical moment that brought us all salvation in a new an unique way.

Do you still want to help?

There are other areas that you can help.

  • If you are a video or audio editor we would welcome your help.
  • PR and Promotion.
  • Financially donate to the project (See below)

If you are able to help in any way and further information please contact Sinead on +353 (0)87 954 0091‬ or by email

The event will be broadcast on 20th December (Times and method to be announced.)


Not able to sing but willing to support is financially? You can also help by donating to the project. Funds will be used to pay the instrumentalists and editors – supporting the Arts which has been badly hit by the pandemic.