Free Music Downloads

iangtrThis page will allow you to access and download unpublished or self-published music by Ian. Some of the music is also available as an MP3 download that has recently been demo recorded or has been used at various events and conferences. As the music here becomes available in published editions it will be removed from this site.
You are free to copy this music for use by your own individual parishes or community; however, please do not distribute copies of this music to others, rather direct them to this site and let them download it themselves.
When making copies of this music please observe the following
  • you must include the copyright notice on any copies you make
  • please do not use these copies after any date indicated on the information with the copyright of the music.
These songs are offered freely and you are free to copy this music for use by your own parish or individual community; however, please do not make changes without prior written permission.
Please Note: Because these are unpublished works, there will occasionally be mistakes in the score or (sometimes) odd layouts.
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